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Restar API12J Liquid Gas Separator is in Delivery

Time: Sep 23, 2020 Views: 0

The API 12J Liquid Gas Separator made by Restar for an international client has completed the fabrication, which has passed water pressure tests and inspection by the client. It is to be delivered to customer very soon.

The liquid gas separator is a dedicated equipment to remove preliminary gas for gas-invading drilling fluids, which is mainly used to remove the big gas bubbles with diameters of 3 to 25 mm trapped in the drilling fluids. These big gas bubbles are the expansion gas permeated into the annular of the wellbore, which may will cause well kick and even erupt onto surface of drill table if it can not be removed. 



Maintenance for Liquid Gas Separator:

1、Before each use, check the lower buffer baffle. If the wear exceeds 10 mm, two baffles must be replaced at the same time before putting into use.

2、After each use, the sand outlet should be opened to empty the drilling fluid in the separator and manifold, so as to prevent the tank from freezing and cracking in winter, or the blowout device from being blocked due to mud entering the exhaust manifold; Open the manhole to clean the separator and manifold.

3、After each use, all parts of the separator should be checked for damage, flexible operation, blockage of the gas supply pipeline and firm and reliable connection. If any problem is found, it should be eliminated in time.


Restar is capable of providing Liquid Gas Separator in accordance with DNV, ASME, NACE 0175,API 12J etc. as per requirement of customers. Warmly welcome you to send us inquiries. Hotline: 400-888-0736


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