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Solids control equipment were delivered to oil service company

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RSD has rich experience in design and manufacturing solid-liquid separation systems, and provide customers with a large quantity of solids control equipment in oil and gas industry, including  shale shakers, mud cleaners, centrifuges and others. Yesterday, a batch of solid control equipment from our company were sent to one oil service company overnight.

Mud cleaner

This mud cleaner is consist of shale shaker ,desander and desilter with a  compact design .This integrated structure is easy to be transported with small foodprint comparing with the separated shale shaker shaker, single desander and desilter.

Mud cleaner

 Quadruple shale shakers

RSD-BS205/204 series large capacity shale shaker with plate frame screens adopt variable elliptical trajectory technology.  Two special explosion-proof vibration motors are installed above the front of the screen box. Which can achieve the shift of vibration trajectory through the electric circuit control of the motor, and finally effectively complete to separate the harmful solids phase from drilling fluids.

 Quadruple shale shakers

Our company can produces various shale shakers with different specification ,such as shale shaker with 2 /3/4 /5 screen panels. In addition to single deck shakers, double shakers are also available.

Shale shaker with spraying system 

Shale shaker with spraying system 


Spraying system is used for cleaning the surface of screens , which can effectively prevent the screen block.  Spray device adopts stainless steel fan shaped nozzle which features with large coverage area, strong impact force and other characteristics.  36 nozzles can cover most of the area of the screen, and connect with the external water source through φ27 horse buckle short connection.Other outlets are blocked by the pipe cap.The inlet position can be changed according to the situation of the working site.

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